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CBD Wholesale – Welcome To Green Brothers Website

Green Brother is the top producer of Swiss legal cannabis products. Our company is specialised in the production of cannabis plants that are rich in CBD strains and hemp products. The expert growers have years of experience in the farming, harvesting and production of CBD wholesale.

The in-house services from cultivation to final packaging provide a guarantee to the reseller that distributing our product is at top and impeccable condition.

CBD Wholesale – What Can We Offer To You?

CBD Wholesale Sixty8 Brand

It’s merely a nod to the May 1968 revolutions that led to the hippie movement. Our brand is peace & love, authentic, simple, but also revolutionary. “We are the cannabis revolution!”

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CBD Wholesale – Green Brothers Local Production

The family farm is located at the north-east of Vaud. The production site has dozens of hectares in outdoor plantation and a large indoor marijuana plantation area. The latest technology equipment is used in cultivating the farm throughout the year to ensure the quality of hemp meds CBD oil production. We produce quality products that are all natural and farmed without pesticides. On our plantation, we use insects to protect the CBD cannabis from pests. This is through the fifteen years experience in the industry of CBD wholesale Green Brothers. Fifteen years of operating the plantation, we have acquired a unique and own farming experience when it comes to weed flower cultivation.

CBD Wholesale – Green Brothers Glass Packaging

The packaging of every natural product is essential in preserving the original quality of the herb. The concern of the quality of CBD wholesale Green Brother products gives particular emphasis to its product packaging. We use glass packaging as a method of preserving the taste and smell of the herb under the name of SIXTY8. The additional cork stopper gives a retro effect in the preservation of the flower flavour. Quality is the top priority of CBD wholesale Green Brothers to make our products profitable.

CBD Wholesale – Green Brothers Fast and Reliable Online Ordering

The CBD wholesale of Green Brothers delivers the highest quality and best wholesale of CBD products in the European retailer market, particularly in France. All of our vendors and distributor are satisfied with the quality of CBD wholesale products we offer to them. Our website provides a FAST, RELIABLE and EFFICIENT purchasing online system for our valued sourcing clients.

You don’t need anymore to order on physical stores where you might get stuck in traffic. Do not deal with incompetence anymore as we take advantage of today’s technology. As online wholesale suppliers, we ensure that you get what you order. You have the complete control of your orders by placing them online if you want to buy wholesale.

CBD Wholesale – Green Brothers Fast Delivery

Upon receiving your request, we will immediately process your goods in less than 48 hours. Our shipment is made directly at home, and we take care of the customs clearance. The sending of orders is carried out once the payment of the CBD wholesale pricing order has been settled. CBD wholesale Green Brothers accept any online payment method such as a credit card (Mastercard and Visa).

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CBD Wholesale – Green Brothers Facts and Information

CBD Wholesale – Green Brothers More Products

If you are also looking for products such as drop ship, hemp plants, hemp seeds, vaporizers, concentrate, e-liquid or vape, we can also provide these items if you wish to order. We also have products for pets that can be taken orally. It is a special formula or therapeutic oils (drops or capsule).

The natural cannabis strains we legally produce from cannabis flower and hemp oil because of low THC content rate of each product. We extracted the CBD ourselves and no other substances are added to our industrial hemp production.

Feel free to add Green Brothers in your list of Swiss top wholesalers producing high quality of CBD oil products and has the best in-house logistics.

Why Buy CBD Wholesale?

Buying CBD oil wholesale UK, CBD wholesale Switzerland or any CBD wholesale products around Europe allows any online reseller to take advantage of the  market. People started to discover the natural benefits of CBD oil, using the latest extraction method, CBD flower wholesale UK and other parts of Europe markets are expected to get high in the following years.

If you are those stores who need a frequent large amount of CBD oil, then you must consider buying bulk CBD for sale. This will not only save you money but as well as time for the packing and shipping of the items. The most important of all is you can get a bulk pricing and discounts in case you are going to buy on a large quantity in one order. The CBD products wholesale UK or Switzerland bulk buying will reduce the cost per unit and your chance to increase your profit. You can also offer your customer a slightly lower price than your competitors.

CBD weed wholesale offers an opportunity for both entrepreneurs and health professionals in looking forward to improving their customers or clients experiences. Buying wholesale CBD hemp flower or CBD oil wholesale, you can sell finished products such as a vaporizer, CBD edibles, lotions, tinctures and many more. You can choose your own CBD products line to sell for your store.

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